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Flocking - support

A special group of offerd services is a general support of surface treatment process - flocking.

The concept of flocking can be used to apply textile cut to various surfaces of materials that are covered with glue. The application of the strand fibers is carried out in an electrostatic field in which the strand is cut so that it falls at an angle of 90 ° to the surface of the adhesive. The individual fibers adhere in the adhesive to create a velvety surface. 

Our specialists work in flock-application processes many years. Their recommendation are reliable due to this experience. We are familiar with materials and technology of many suppliers.

Our services


Production process analysis

We will analyze the production process at the clients' plant. In the client's detailed report we will get acquainted with the results of the analysis, identify weaknesses and shortcomings. We recommend changes and corrective actions.


Technological support

We focus on providing support for finding and introducing modern technologies that help to produce more efficiently and improve product quality.

Kurz, studium

Training, courses

We will prepare tailor-made training for you. We will explain basic principles in flocking. In case of interest, this training can be combined directly with the practical demonstration directly in your production process. The demonstrations will take place with your technology, your products and your input material. It is our priority to ensure that the client's staff understand the process and are able to solve problems independently.


Advisory activity

Our experts have many years of experience with flock technology and input materials from several vendors. That is why we are able to recommend to the client the most optimal solution and the process leading to the improvement of the production process.

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