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Interim management

Interim Management is an external manager's work at a pre-agreed time with predefined tasks and goals.

Modern companies realize that many projects are relatively short-lived and that the company does not have a managerial potential to meet them. Therefore, it is not entirely beneficial for such projects to recruit other managers into the existing organizational structure permanently, but rather to ask an experienced manager only for a certain period of time.

The interim manager is included in the organizational structure of the company after all the responsibilities associated with the position it holds.

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We consider the origin of modern interim management to be the Netherlands in the 1970s when, in the Netherlands, due to long notice periods, managers were temporarily hired for temporary and specific tasks. In the 1980s, Interim Management in Western Europe was already a very common tool for providing temporarily missing human resources with managerial experience and expertise. In the US and Australia, Interim Management is a very common model for managing organizations.

For the Czech Republic, Interim Management is a relatively new area that is only beginning to gain its trust in a number of companies. With regard to ever-changing economic conditions and business models, Interim Management is becoming more important. Interim Management can be used in almost all areas and in managing all tasks. In practice, we most often encounter the fact that Interim Management is used by companies especially in:

  • changes in the short term – in particular, crisis or transformation management

  • project implementation – Interim Manager is usually out of organizational structure and its position after project implementation is extinguished
  • substitution – the temporary vacancy is occupied by the Interim Manager until the client finds or trains a suitable candidate. 

Generally speaking, by purchasing Interim Management services, clients can solve their problem in terms of both time and quality. In many cases, the client does not have a person in his ranks that corresponds to the qualities, knowledge and skills and the search for this person on the labor market is a lengthy and uncertain outcome. In addition, the client gets an unbiased look at the issue, new ideas and knowledge. Ultimately, this can have a positive impact across the entire organizational structure of the client. 

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