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Quality support

Runa Group provides services that aim to improve product quality or protect the customer.

The subject of such services is, in particular, the provision of sorting, inspection and corrrective services, implementation of incoming and outgoing inspections, provision of “quality wall”. Other services offered include consulting services, resident engineering, a wide range of training and turnkey projects.

Visual control


This is the most usual type of control. We provide sorting of products according to the client´s requirements and create a report according to the result.

Types of controls:

  • 5%, 10%, 20% checking
  • 100% inspection
  • Quality Wall
  • Controlled shipping levels – CSL 1, CSL 2
  • Incoming, outgoing and interoperation inspections
  • Logistic data control incl. packing instructions
  • Statistical acceptance

Testing and functional checks


We provide simple control operations that do not require any technical equipment. These are in particular functional tests of simple electronic and mechanical components. 

Furthermore, we are able, in cooperation with the customer, to provide qualified control over the use of various measuring instruments. If needed, our employees are able to quickly learn how to use customized customer meters. 

If necessary, we are able to use our own or borrowed measuring instruments.

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